This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Title Description Members who use this text Library
English in Action
Heinle and Heinle
Learning Level: 1

Four level core language series mastering listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Lao Family
English No Problem
New Readers Press
Learning Level: 1

Structured lesson plans for teaching language skills.

Lao Family
English Series Book 1
Prentice Hall
Learning Level: 1

A balanced approach teaching grammar through open-ended activities; students learn speaking, listening, reading and writing in this series.

Everyday English Book 1, 2nd Edition
Barbara Zaffran and David Krulik, National Testbook Co.
Learning Level: 1

Developed the 4 core language skills using ethnic background illustrations. 

First Words
Linda Mwowicki, Linmore Publishers, 1990
Learning Level: 1

Provides non-literate adult learners with survival oral and literacy skills.

GEL Guide
Five Minute Activities
Cambridge University Press, 1992
Learning Level: 1 GAP MLC
Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss, Prentice Hall
Learning Level: 1

All 4 core skills area covered with active learning through interaction.

Grammar in Action
Heinle & Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 1

Complete series focusing on grammar.

Grammar in Context
Heinle and Heinle/Thomson Learning, ISBN:0838412688
Learning Level: 1

All level series teaching grammar relating it to culture, history and everyday events.

Lao Family SPPL
Grammar Sense
Oxford University Press, ISBN 0194365654, 2004
Learning Level: 1

A three level grammar series using English in contextual situations.

Lao Family SPPL