This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Title Description Members who use this text Library
Collaborations: English in Our Lives Intermediate 1
Jann Huizenga and Jean Bernard, Heinle & Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 4

Series based on students’ authentic stories.

GEL Guide, Lao Family, SPPS MLC
Communication in English Book 4
Linmore Publishers
Learning Level: 4

Designed for intermediate learners who are learning to communicate thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Capitol Hill MLC
Day by Day (series)
Prentice Hall Publishers
Learning Level: 4

Focus in on teaching English for communicating on the job.

English ASAP
Andrrea Perrault, Steck Vaughn publishers
Learning Level: 4

Focus is on language practice in the workplace.

English in Action (series)
Barbara Foley, Heinle & Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 4

Mastering the four core language skills.

Lao Family, SPPS SPPL
English No Problem (series)
New Readers Press
Learning Level: 4

Structured lesson plans for teaching language skills.

Lao Family
English Pronunciations for Spanish Speakers
Paulette Dale, Prentice Hall Regents publishers
Learning Level: 4 GAP MLC
English Yes, Intermediate 1, 2
Burton Goodman, Jamestown Publishers
Learning Level: 4

Learning English through literature.

Capitol Hill MLC, SPPL
Focus on Grammar, Intermediate
Marjorie Fuchs, Longman publishers
Learning Level: 4

An intermediate course for reference and practice.

Capitol Hill, SPPS MLC, SPPL
Grammar in Context (series)
Sandra Elbaum, Heinle & Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 4

Teaches grammar related to U.S. culture, history and everyday activities.

Lao Family SPPL