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The College Readiness Academy (CRA) helps ABE students prepare for college by limiting or eliminating the need for Developmental Education (college remedial) classes. This saves students from $1500 to $3000 and prepares them for college through (a) daily classes that build academic skills and (b) college navigation that provides a thorough orientation to the college system. Two full-time navigators work with students in class and one-to-one to assist with financial aid, first-time enrollment, program requirements, balance of study/work/family, and self-advocacy within the college bureaucracy. 

When students are ready to begin college, they are more likely to stay in college, resulting in more rapid completion of their chosen programs. From the start of the program in January 2015 through October 2017:

  • 80 students have enrolled in college (with the vast majority in college-level classes)
  • $73,470 was achieved in scholarships by these 80 students
  • 278 developmental classes were bypassed in students’ journeys toward college
  • $177,250 was saved by students who bypassed any college developmental classes

CRA students working in classroomThe Academy includes Tier 1 classes at the Institute and Hubbs Center as well as Tier 2 classes taught through Hubbs Center on the Saint Paul College campus. The program is available to students who have (or are close to receiving) a GED or high school diploma. For referral information, download this flyer. International Institute founded College Readiness Academy. Its ABE partner is Hubbs Center; its college partner is Saint Paul College. Start-up funding was provided by Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Workforce Innovation Network (MSPWin,) a philanthropic collaborative committed to strengthening the workforce in the seven-county Minneapolis Saint Paul region through 2020.