This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Titlesort descending Description Members who use this text Library
Chalk Talks
Norma Shapiro and Carol Gense
Learning Level: 2

Unique resource book for students to communicate their stories through illustrations.

Clear Speech
Judy B. Gilbert, Cambridge University Press
Learning Level: 5

Focus in on pronunciation and listening comprehension.

Capitol Hill MLC, SPPL
Clear Speech
Judy Gilbert; Cambridge University Press
Learning Level: 0

Focuses on speaking, listening and phonics; audio CD available.

Clear Speech
Judy Gilbert, Cambridge Press, ISBN:052163735X edition 2
Learning Level: 1 JFS SPPL
Clear Speech
Judy Gilbert, Cambridge Press publishers, 2000
Learning Level: 3

Pronunciation and listening comprehension are taught.

Clear Speech from the Start
Judy Gilbert, Cambridge Press publishers
Learning Level: 2

Beginning students focus on pronounciation. Audio CD.

Collaboration: English in Our Lives Beginning, 1
Learning Level: 0

Series based on students authentic stories. 

Collaborations 1: English in Our Lives
Heinle and Heinle Publishers
Learning Level: 1 Lao Family MLC
Collaborations: English in Live Literacy
Donna Moss, Cathy C. Shank and Lynda Terrill, Heinle and Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 0 SPPS MLC
Collaborations: English in Our Lives (series)
Jann Huizenga and Gail Weinstein-Sur, Heinle & Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 2

Series based on students’ authentic stories.

Lao Family, SPPS MLC