If you have lessson plans you would like to share with other teachers in St. Paul, please send them to jschlukebier@comcast.net.

Workplace English

MLC Workplace Simulation Lesson (PDF) - A simlulation of several work places, includes dialogues and a "passport" for teachers to check-off when students have completed each scenerio.

Learning about Jobs

Interview friends/relative (MS Word Document) - Have students interview their employed friends/relatives and other immigrants/refugees using these questions. Chart the results (use this chart) help your students see patterns such as length of time in US and income and type of job. Discuss "First jobs" and moving up.

Choosing a Career (MS Word Document) - Learners choose a scenerio of a student with an "unrealistic" career goal and then play the part of the job counselor and discuss goals, hopes and steps to take.