SPCLC member organizations have put together a variety of curricular resources that are available to all SPCLC members. Feel free to use these resources in your program and for developing your own curriculum.

  • Lists of curriculum materials used by SPCLC members for all ESL Levels.  The lists include short descriptions and reviews of materials.
  • A curriculum overview developed by a SPCLC curriculum committee and currently used by Hubbs Outreach Centers.  This overview lists Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Grammar skills for various content areas at 4 levels.
  • A computer curriculum developed by SPCLC teachers. This curriculum includes lesson modules ranging from basic computer vocabulary to MS, Excel and Powerpoint step-by-step lessons.
  • A listing of TLC Curriculum and Resources. This provides a variety of digital inclusion resources including curriculum for teaching computer literacy lessons, presentations, reports and statistics, and resources that help with acquiring computers and low cost Internet.
  • A "lesson swap" for teachers in the SPCLC Teacher Network.

To provide updates to information on these pages, please e-mail thysom@real-time.com.