Determined student achieves Adult Diploma

Sherrett Erwin

In her own words:

"Hello my name is Sherrett Erwin. I was enrolled into Hubbs center Adult Diploma program in February 2016 and not too long before I enrolled I had a stroke and still had complications from the stroke which I had to use a cane. It still didn't stop me from getting up everyday and traveling to school and doing my homework and assignments I had to complete. I was also diagnosed with memory loss so everyday I had to remember things I just learned the day before and it got frustrating for me to do test and homework at times. I never gave up even though I wanted to and it was getting so close to my goal of graduating June 1 2016. I wanted this so bad so I studied harder stayed extra hours and to cancel out the other subjects I took the GED course. I was knocked down a couple times I failed the test but I didn't give up I re took them then my last test was the science test I failed the first one a week before the graduation my teacher Ms.Pam called me and told me to retake the next day, at first they didn't have a retake date then I looked again and I was able to schedule the test for the next day. Two days went by and I was a nervous wreck then I got a phone call from my Ms. Pam and former ostudents shouted that I PASSED I was so happy that I accomplished this goal which is a big part of my life. I DID IT and the Hubb Center was a big help. Thank you."