Photo of Kristin Klas

Kristin Klas, who teaches at SPCLC member agency HAP, has been selected as COABE Outstanding teacher of the Year Runner-Up. COABE notes, "She has led the school to form a highly-focused and professional program that focuses on the needs of recent-arrival refugees with limited formal education. Working tirelessly, she has created a curriculum that is now being used by preliterate ESL teachers in several states. She has been tapped by Hamline University and the state of Minnesota to present engaging workshops that teach instructors how to effectively work with preliterate adult refugees."

"In the classroom, Kristin uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to make her classroom an open, welcoming space for refugees,": states COABE. "She has also developed a distinct teaching style based on principles used by LESLLA educators around the globe—slow, intentional instruction, with many comprehension checks and times for review."