ESL Curricula Descriptions

This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Title Description Members who use this text Library
Sounds Easy
Sharon Bassano, Alta Book Center Publishers
Learning Level: 0

Focuses on beginning listening and pronunciation, pictures, minimal pairs.

Starting to Read
Linda Mrowicki, Linmore Publishing, 1988
Learning Level: 0

Activities for every competency in the CASAS reading tests.  Designed by assist teachers to prepare learners for the test.

Starting with A: A Beginner's Guide to the Alphabet
A.M. Chabot; Full Blast Productions, Lewiston, NY
Learning Level: 0

Activity book that introduces the alphabet.

Survival English
Prentice Hall Publishers
Learning Level: 0

Provides professionals with what they need to know to survive in English for work or travel. 

The Alphabet North American Version CD-ROM
Learning Level: 0

Teaches alphabet skills including letter names and sounds, upper and lower case matching and alphabetical order and keyboard familiarity. Windows 3.1

The Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary Literacy Program
Garnet Templin-Imel, Oxford University Press publishers
Learning Level: 0

Picture dictionary.

The Grab Bag of Health
Elizabeth Ganong and Dan Ingram, ESL Resources, Canada
Learning Level: 0

Teaches English skills learners what they need to know in order to address their health issues.

The New Grammar in Action Basic Level
Heinle & Heinle
Learning Level: 0

Beginning level program that provides the foundation from vocabulary development to sentence level grammatical instruction.

Lao Family, Neighborhood House
The New Oxford Picture Dictionary
Oxford University Press
Learning Level: 0 All Members MLC
Tony's Deal
Grass Roots Press
Learning Level: 0

Simple text, real life photographs, beginning reader.