ESL Curricula Descriptions

This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Titlesort descending Description Members who use this text Library
Chalk Talks
Norma Shapiro and Carol Gense
Learning Level: 2

Unique resource book for students to communicate their stories through illustrations.

Clear Speech
Judy B. Gilbert, Cambridge University Press
Learning Level: 5

Focus in on pronunciation and listening comprehension.

Capitol Hill MLC, SPPL
Clear Speech
Judy Gilbert; Cambridge University Press
Learning Level: 0

Focuses on speaking, listening and phonics; audio CD available.

Clear Speech
Judy Gilbert, Cambridge Press, ISBN:052163735X edition 2
Learning Level: 1 JFS SPPL
Clear Speech
Judy Gilbert, Cambridge Press publishers, 2000
Learning Level: 3

Pronunciation and listening comprehension are taught.

Clear Speech from the Start
Judy Gilbert, Cambridge Press publishers
Learning Level: 2

Beginning students focus on pronounciation. Audio CD.

Collaboration: English in Our Lives Beginning, 1
Learning Level: 0

Series based on students authentic stories. 

Collaborations 1: English in Our Lives
Heinle and Heinle Publishers
Learning Level: 1 Lao Family MLC
Collaborations: English in Live Literacy
Donna Moss, Cathy C. Shank and Lynda Terrill, Heinle and Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 0 SPPS MLC
Collaborations: English in Our Lives (series)
Jann Huizenga and Gail Weinstein-Sur, Heinle & Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 2

Series based on students’ authentic stories.

Lao Family, SPPS MLC