ESL Curricula Descriptions

This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Title Description Members who use this text Library
The New Grammar in Action, Book 2
Barbara H. Foley and Elizabeth Neblett, Heinle and Heinle publishers
Learning Level: 3

Communicative approach to language learning.

GAP, Lao Family, Neighborhood House MLC, SPPL
The Pizza Tastes Great: Dialogues and Stories
William P. Pickett, Prentice Hall Regents publishers
Learning Level: 3 GEL Guide, SPPS MLC, SPPL
The Work Experience
Jeanne H. Smith and Harry Ringel, New Readers Press
Learning Level: 3

Short readings using workplace themes.

Workplace Plus 3: Living and Working in English
Joan Saslow and Tim Collins, Longman publishers
Learning Level: 3

Teaches understanding the spoken and written words and to understand the cultural and behavioral expectations in the workplace.

Amazing Stories (series)
Houghton Mifflin publisher
Learning Level: 4

Engaging readings helps build vocabulary through true human interest readings, exercises included.

Lao Family
Apple Pie 2B
Sadae Iwataki and Jean Owensby, Delta Systems publishers
Learning Level: 4

Teacher friendly for new or experienced teacher with clear, easy to follow lessons.

Apply Yourself: English for Job Search
Lisa Johnson, Lynn Levey and Elizabeth Chafcouloff, Addison Wesley Longman publishers
Learning Level: 4

In depth approach to the job search process.

At Work in the U.S.
New Readers Press publishers
Learning Level: 4

Focus in on learners cultural understand need to be in the workplace, Audio CD.

Azar Grammar
Prentice Hall Publishers
Learning Level: 4 JFS MLC
Basic Grammar in Action 3, an integrated course in English
Barbara Foley and Elizabeth Neblett, Heinle & Heinle
Learning Level: 4

Grammar series.