ESL Curricula Descriptions

This page contains brief descriptions of various ESL curricula, by levels.

Title Description Members who use this text Library
Reading for Life
Linda Strand, Minnesota Department of Education 2004-2005
Learning Level: 2 GAP MLC
Real Life English 2
Steck-Vaughn publishers
Learning Level: 2

Helps learners get ready for the situations they face everyday.

Capitol Hill, HAP, Neighborhood House MLC
Side by Side (series)
Steven J. Molinsky, Longman publishers
Learning Level: 2

Teaches four core skills in an easy to use format.

Sounds Easy
Sharon Bassano, Alta Book Center publishers
Learning Level: 2

Photocopiable resource teaches the sound system through simple, clear pictures and minimal print.

Stand Out, Book one
Stacy Lyn Sabbagh and Rob Jenkins
Learning Level: 2

Integrates language development, life skills, and real world project activities in and easy to use format.

Starting to Read
Linda Mrowicki, Linmore publishers
Learning Level: 2

Basic written English, word recognition and grammar practice are taught.

Stories Plus: Reading and Activities for Language Skills
Ann Gianola, New Readers Press
Learning Level: 2

15 easy stories to encourage reading fluency and stimulate discussion.

Stories We Brought With Us
Carol Kasser and Ann Silverman, Prentice Hall publishers
Learning Level: 2

Beginning reader; collection of folktales from various cultures, complete with reading activities.

Capitol Hill MLC
Survival English 2: English through Conversations Book 2
Lee Mosteller and Michelle Haight, Prentice Hall Regents publishers
Learning Level: 2

Series focusing on basic spoken survival English.

Capitol Hill MLC
Take Charge (series)
Edna t. Diolata McGraw Hill publishers
Learning Level: 2

Designed for high beginning students; focuses on language development, literacy training, communication, critical thinking skills and grammar component.